Nutrition Coaching

Quality nutrition is arguably the foundation to everything related to your body.

It sets you up for great visits to your doctor. It fuels you up for workouts, playing outside, or even just making it around in your day-to-day life. And if you are consistent with your nutrition and movement, it sets you up with a healthy body composition.

Making quality nutrition a part of your life can be one of the most simple things that you can do conceptually, but making it actually happen day-after-day is a whole different animal.

This is where having a coach, like me, to help you can be a phenomenal boost to your progress, consistency, and your results. Allowing me to work with you frees you up to let go of the planning and the details, and allows you to just focus on the nutritional task at hand.

This is how real progress is made, and sustainable nutrition is achieved.

Behaviors determine outcomes.

This is the approach of the nutrition coaching, because this is the most reliable approach to positive changes in health, body composition, and performance.

Think about the difference between these two goals:

  1. “I will lose 20lbs for summer”
  2. “I will drink 1 more glass of water today”

While Goal #1 can be inspiring, it is not a goal to build a program around. Goals like these are outcomes, and outcomes like these are largely out of our control.

Goal #2 was a behavior goal, behaviors are within our control, and behaviors are what dictate our outcomes. This is why we choose to work with behavior goals. By consistently creating, building upon, and practicing healthy behaviors, we can achieve healthy outcomes.

Real life looks different for everyone, which is why quality nutrition looks different for everyone.

We all have different dietary preferences or restrictions, lifestyles, daily routines, health and fitness goals, and more. So your nutrition program should be as unique as you are, and should change and adapt along with you.

Allow me to work with you to create your unique nutrition program. We will move at your pace towards your goals, with each decision improving on the last to make sure that you achieve sustainable health, body composition, and performance. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to receive the Initial Assessment Form and to schedule a free consultation.

Coaching Includes:

  • Free consultation (initial assessment form + meeting)
  • Sign-up for 3 month or 6 month programs. (Can schedule more as needed, and as spaces allows)
    • Weekly live sessions with Google Hangouts, Skype, or Telephone.
    • Regular communication and projects to keep you on track and moving towards your goals.
    • Optional remote exercise programming to complement nutrition coaching.

About your Coach

My name is Mark, and I’m the guy behind the personalized nutrition coaching. My background in health, fitness, nutrition, and the like goes back quite a while. As a kid, I think I was outside more than my dogs were. My brother and I were always biking, running, exploring, and getting hurt without telling mom. Throughout the years, I recreationally and competitively ran track, played football, snowboarded, and most of all hockey (ice, roller, and foot). My ice hockey career led me to college, where I played for Northern Arizona University in the ACHA. When I hung up the skates in college, I got my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and started putting it to work with friends, family, athletes, and anyone who would trust my novice training skills.

Later, I went on to get my nutrition coaching certification through Precision Nutrition. This was important to me because, as an athlete, I was very attuned to how my diet affected my performance – for better or worse. I also saw this in my personal training clients– those with the best success tended to have the best nutrition habits. In addition to the personal training and nutrition certifications I attained during my undergraduate program, I went on to earn my NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialization, worked with Dr. Edythe Heus in learning and becoming certified in Revolution in Motion, and worked with Dr. Antonio Stecco and the Fascial Manipulation Association learning Stecco Fascial Manipulation. Most recently, I have been spending my time with various amazing doctors and students at Bastyr University (in both Seattle and San Diego) for Naturopathic Medicine, along with working with the Carrick Institute for a Fellowship in Functional Neurology to apply Functional Neurology to human performance.

Mark Heisig, BSc, Movement and Nutrition Specialist
Naturopathic Medical Student (Bastyr University, 2019)
Revolution in Motion Certified Trainer (I-III)
PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach