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I am currently a medical student at Bastyr University studying Naturopathic Medicine, with specialized training in neurology as it relates to manual therapies, nutrition/supplementation, and movement augmenting human performance. When I say “human performance” I mean in the sense of how each of us, budding athletes to seasoned grandmothers, moves through and interacts with our world – sport, recreation, or leisure.

For example, ask yourself:

On one end of the spectrum…

Are you able move in your body in ways that allow you to do what you need day in and day out? To do what you WANT day in and day out?

Do you experience limits in your ability to interact with your world due to pain, fatigue/energy issues, etc..?

Or, on the other end of the spectrum…

Do you feel like you’re “this close” to reaching a new goal, but need a boost and aren’t sure where to start?

Are you able to move through your world feeling funky fresh, but need guidance in training for your summer hikes through Yellowstone?

These are the questions that excite me! I love helping people reach new movement potential in ways that allow them to better interact with their lives – from playing with children to just “not feeling so stiff” after a day at work to feeling more in control on the court or field – it all excites me!

Why geek out over this?

Growing up I was an athletic little bugger. My brother and I were always outside working on becoming the next “greats” at something (BMX, roller hockey, tree-house making, etc..). Throughout middle and high school I was involved in ice hockey, track/cross country, football, and snowboarding. I even played for Northern Arizona University (ACHA). I was active – so was my mom. She was the picture of “freakishly fit.” And in about one year after falling sick, she was unable to move from her bed to the bathroom in her standard master bedroom without help. For years, I watched my “10 mile run to destress” mother need help with menial movement tasks that we take for granted each day. Rest easy, though, my mom is alive and well today – moving happily and (mostly) freely!

This experience woke me up to two things:

  1. Without our health, we can’t do or be anything.
  2. Without movement, we can’t truly be healthy (see #1).

Healthy movement and a healthy life are so interconnected it’s silly.

(This obviously isn’t written in stone. There are otherwise healthy individuals dealing with varied degrees of paralysis or other conditions, and there are otherwise mobile people dealing with varied degrees of health.)

Grossly, the concept is true:

Healthy Movement = Healthy Body/Mind = Healthy Life.

Educational Journey

Inspired by that experience, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Science with a heavy emphasis on human physiology and biochemistry at Northern Arizona University. There I also earned my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and my Nutrition Coaching certification through Precision Nutrition . With that background I spent some time at the NAU Health and Learning Center training clients of many backgrounds to reach their health and fitness goals. With my ultimate goal being to help people achieve truly healthy lives, I ventured off to Bastyr University for my doctorate in naturopathic medicine (we’re basically the rigorously trained gurus in natural, evidence-based primary care – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). Since being here at Bastyr I have received additional movement training from Dr. Edythe Hues in Revolution in Motion, fascial manipulation work from Stecco Fascial Manipulation, and (pending examination) board certification from the Carrick Institute in Clinical Neuroscience . My expected graduation date in summer 2019, and I will be sitting for my board certification in clinical neuroscience as soon as I can shortly thereafter.

My ultimate goal is to help the world feel, live, and move better one visit at a time!

Mark Heisig, BSc, Movement and Nutrition Specialist
Naturopathic Medical Student (NMS4 Bastyr University, 2019)
Fellow of Functional Neurology Student (Carrick Institute)
Revolution in Motion Certified Trainer
PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach

If you are in the Seattle Area and would like to work with me for private movement training and/or nutrition coaching, please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch! I am very excited to meet you and help you achieve your health and movement goals!

Important Note: I do not yet have my medical license. Any information gleaned from this site is NOT medical advice, and is NOT meant to diagnose, treat, or cure ANY diseases or conditions. Please seek the help of your primary care provider (ND, MD, DO, etc..) if you are concerned about a condition. If in the Seattle area, schedule a visit with an ND Team Care Shift at BCNH. As world famous Tim Ferris would say, “Please don’t do anything stupid and kill yourself. It would make us both quite unhappy…”

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